Press Tools

Press tools are the machines which change the shape of the workpiece by applying some pressure. These press tool are generally used in mechanical press, hydraulic press and pneumatic press to produce components at high production rate. Depending on the types of operations such as forming, blanking, bending, piercing, trimming and forging these press tools are categorized as banking tool, bending tool, forging tool etc. and highly demanded in the market.

Press Components

Press components are manufactured from premium quality metal sheet and widely used in automobile, switch gear, electronics and engineering sectors. These press components are corrosion resistant, high tensile strength, highly durable, optimum quality and long-lasting. These press components are available in the customized range which differs in their shapes, designs and dimensions to suit clients’ requirements.

Deep Drawn Components

Deep drawn components are manufactured from premium quality steel, aluminum, and other metals. Heavy duty frame type deep draw presses and hydraulic deep drawing presses are extensively used for fabricating deep drawing components. These deep drawn components are widely used in numerous industries such as automobile, automotive, and diverse engineering applications. Fine finish, durability and precise design are the few features of deep drawn components.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication use sheet metal to create metal structures and machines. It can be a intricate process including cutting and burning of metal sheets. To cut the sheet metal, special types of tools like band saws are used. Sheet metal fabrication also includes the application of hydraulic breaks with the help of which sheet metal fabrication is simplified, as they aid to develop bends at preset angles.

Structural Fabrication

Structural fabrication usually incorporates heavy metals and most commonly structural stainless steel or mild steel. Angles, channels and beams/joists available in various sizes and specifications which are broadly used for erection of bridges, industrial sheds, buildings, transmission line towers (TLT), and structure. In order to ensure extreme flawlessness, these structures are tested by quality control team on specific parameters.

CNC Profile Cutting

CNC is an electronic driver of the cutting system which is integrated with CAD and CAM software to cut the plates in different shapes and profiles. By using software automation and built-in electronic, CNC can control the cutting process by evaluating all available parameters.CNC regulates the correct gas mixture and speed, the torch movement along the 3 axes and the feed rate, and the power of the source

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology used to cut material using laser. This technology is widely used in numerous manufacturing applications in industry. Laser cutting machines cut metal with higher precision as compared to mechanical machines. When high-powered laser is directed on the material, the material either melts, burns up or vaporizes away. In order to get a highly finished surface cut, a high pressure jet of gas blows away all remains.

Cable Tray

Cable tray is a system to support insulated electrical cables which are used for power distribution and communications in buildings. In open wiring or electrical conduit systems, these cable trays are employed as a substitute. Cable trays are usually used in industrial and commercial construction for cable management. Cable trays are available in different types and each of which has its own purpose.

Transformer Tank

Transformer tanks are manufactured from high quality raw material such as aluminum, mild steel, non-magnetic material, copper etc. For tank bodies of most of the transformers, rolled steel plates are used. From boiler plates, the huge tanks are assembled. Aluminum used in transformer tank lowers the weight and drift magnetic losses. The transformer tank is widely used in power station, transformer station, and auxiliary plants

Frame Parts of Transformer Tank (Yoke Clame)

Frame parts of transformer tanks are manufactured from excellent quality alloy to make them corrosion resistant, durable and scratch resistant. Frame parts of transformer are precise in design and erection, and are acclaimed for effortless installation. Many companies are engaged in manufacturing of quality approved range of frame parts of transformer